Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hacking with Prorat

PRORAT is a powerfull remote administrator tool(RAT) or you can say it Trojan. ProRat was written in C++ programming language and its capable to work with all windows operating systems.

To make process and connect to a PC with ProRat v2.0 you must create a server with your own properties by using the client. Send the server to the PC' you want to connect and be sure that he opened the server. IP address, port number and server password will be sent to the notification address you set when creating the server. Write all of the information we sent you to the client and then Click on the "Connect" button. You will be connected to the server. if you want to logoff from the server click on the "Disconnect" button.
All kind of user problems with PRORAT you can solve in 

You can use prorat for a legel connection and for a hacking purpose.
Tips which can help you when connecting through prorat.
To connect to a PC with ProRaT client the server should not have to be directly connected to internet. so if the PC is behind a network and has a IP address like “192.168.0.* or if its behind a Router and has a IP like “10.*.*.* you will beable to connect with PRORAT, you must be a Special Edition user to do this process. Public Edition users can not use reverse connection to connect to PC 's behind networks and routers. You can only use Reverse Connection feature which you can connect to PC's which are behind networks and routers in PRORAT SPECIAL EDITION.
PRORAT will not send any keylogg files or any passwords to your email address. PRORAT is a "ProHack Remote Administrator Tool" you can only get the keylogg files and passwords you want to learn by connect to the victims PC.
You can connect to all PC in your country and other country’s as well. If the victim is connected to internet this will be enough.
If you cant connect to a victim this doesn’t mean that you cannot connect to all victims. Please try new victims and you will see that it will connect. If you still cant connect to a victim after trying few times read the help file and try to find where you are making a mistake and feel free to ask us questions if you still have problems.
If your or your victims PC is being forced to closing after you started PRORAT server or ProConnective this is not PRORAT fault because some kind of worm virus like msblast can infiltrate to PC which doesn’t have security patches. PRORAT will close the Firewall (optional) and this will give a chance to this kind of worms to infiltrate and close systems. To take measures please read the help file and you will see links to download patch files.
If you try to make PRORAT server undetectable to AntiVirus the PRORAT will not connect to the server. If you want a server which is undetectable from AntiVirus you must buy PRORAT SPECIAL EDITION,
If you didn’t try to change server and you still get a connection reject message, possibly the server wasn’t installed properly to the victims PC.

You can download it from here or mail me
DISCLAIMER: Installing trojan on others computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor. may violate local, state or federal law.
Spying other people's activities or breaking into other people's computer without their permission can be considered illegal by the courts of many countries. The software reviewed here is ONLY for authorized system administrators and/or owners of computers. We assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by the software. The end user of this software is obliged to obey all applicable local, state, federal and other laws in his country of residence. Every tutorial is for educational purpose only.


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