Friday, July 22, 2011


Google+ is a invite only service for now as it tries to keep interest among the people to join in and at the same time tries to test out the features with a small number of users. Even thoughGoogle has failed to popularize services like Google Wave or Google Buzz in the past. Despite all these most of the people seem to love the new service and even can’t wait to try it out, as seen on the mashable polls.

As any other major Google launches, Google + (plus) is a invite only and is made available first to people in US and then to the rest after few days. The link provided by google is here but you will need to wait for it..This site was where I got my free Google+ invite, so head over to this link here to get [free invites to Google+]. You will basically get an email invite where you can immediately sign up for an account! Share and post this awesome piece of information to all your friends so everyone can be onGoogle+ First! Remember, this is an exclusive invite only club. Only the coolest can hang out there :p

Shown below is a screenshot of how Google+ will look like. Pretty similar to Facebook yea? Well, thats what many people are comparing Google+ to. Will Google+ take over Facebook? Anything is possible. Never doubt the power of network effects.


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